Globlexpo – event

Global Kreatif Expo is an exclusive event organizer for industry sector based on international trade, We’re support technology development, alteration terms of use and build awareness in the middle of business growth.

Why Us

Innovation and creativity is our field

we challenge our mind to face new innovation and always find a way to step up with creativity.

Efficiency & Productivity

We help industry works to be more efficiency and sustainable monitoring what is new to make every country more productivity than consumable.


We manage everything as it should be and evading the risk of failure in our performance, we endure our personality by professionality.

Spread about your information directly

We will give you a time to express your company in your own ways, we grab the visitors to create magic word of mouth.

develop industry device

by showing your products and services we automatically support the development of every industries to work faster.

connectivity is a gold

the straighten in our principle as mediator is very effective to change your plan into a goals with build a link and partnership between exhibitor and visitor or seller and buyer.

we care about power and technology

we appreciate for all company which made a new technology, we care about world progress to handle new era, only the light technology can carry the needs pressure.


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