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About Us

Global Creative Expo is an exclusive event organizer for industry sector based on international trade, we are support technology development, alteration terms of use and build awareness in the middle of business growth. We make it easy for companies to run their business effectively in the context of marketing and promotion as a form of expanding the target market from the various fields that have been applicable. We are committed to making positive changes in every step of our work, by instilling our determination “we live for the future” we are not only living for present, but also looking forward to prospects and opportunities in order to grow with companies that believe in our professional event organizer. We are focus in Power (Power Plant and Machineries, Components, Equipments, Services from Renewable and Unrenewable Energy) and Technology (Machineries, Automation, Equipments, Manufacturing, Services, and its supporting Industries) intelligence and created exhibition as introduction the new era of technology for industry performance. The best for future, advanced in power and technology.


Being a highly trusted Event Organizer from every sectors of the company in Indonesia and abroad, through our dedication to the event business that will be held continuously in every year, also become an influence for economic development and advancement of technology usage in Indonesia.


– Packing a concept in every form of event-making process.

– Implement performance according to the line of our business field in a professional and directed ways.

– Implement accuracy in optimal decision making.

– Focus on customer needs and information expansion.

– Continue to develop network or connections from various institutions of association, media, and accommodation in national and international scope.

– Appreciate all forms of technological change that can facilitate industry performance in Indonesia.


Our culture

–   Can be Trusted

–    Be Creative

–    Ideal Performance

–    Needs oriented

–    Can Be reliable

–    Think Positively